Nafpaktos, also known by its historical name Lepanto  is one of the prettiest cities of Greece and the center on the Gulf of Corinth – a harbor with history, many small shops, ideal for strolling and shopping,comfortable and lively cafes under old trees invite to linger in their shade.

Beaches stretch along both side of the harbor strewn with restaurants and cafes where sitting, eating, drinking, talking are the main attraction and above all this rises the medieval fortress of Nafpaktos  ... it too offers a unique view of the Gulf and the Rio-Antirio bridge which connects the mainland of Greece to Patras and the Peloponnese

The Gulf of Corinth ,
on the coastal road along the Gulf of Corinth numerous small villages are strung along like a pearl necklace. The road from Nafpaktos to Itea, to Delphi and further up to Mount Parnassos into the winter sport terrain hugs the coastline continuously. The little villages encountered along the way seem to have been frozen in time. 

Monasteraki, Marathias und Paralia Sergoulas are nearby , while Galaxidi with its picturesque harbor, a museum and small taverns are worth a side trip. 
At the end of the coastal road lies Itea where the cruise ships dock for visits to Delphi. Above Delphi, at an altitude of 1000 m lies Arachova, the center of winter sports of the Parnassos region and while a cool and breezy place in the summer. 

A short distance from there, the monastery Ossios Loukas houses some of the most famous and valuable icons.

Archaeological Sites  
 Delphi the ‘Navel of the World’ and  Olympia the ‘Cradle of the Games’. 

Nafpaktos lies between two significant locations  of the Hellenistic period. 

Olympia, where the Olympic games took place for over 1000 years, has two museums, one dedicated to the history of the Olympic games, and an archaeological site with ruins of temples and facilities used during the games. 

Delphi, the location of the Oracle and once the center of the Hellenistic world, here the Oracle was consulted and influenced decisions on wars and strategies. Sport events also took place here and musical competitions surpassed the athletic games. 

Numerous more archaeological sites can be discovered in the vicinity.

... places of tranquility and solitude 

Numerous monasteries are located in the nearby vicinity of the Oasis. 

Monks often take the responsibility to help children and teenagers find their way back to society after having gone astray. 

Nuns treasure and care for the unique icons in the monasteries so that the visitors can enjoy their beauty. 

Convents in quiet locations in the middle of nowhere and not listed in any tour guides. 

Historically, convents and monasteries have been sanctuaries for resistance fighters against foreign oppressors and thus contributed to preserving the Greek language and culture.

The nearby hills , offer secluded forests, desolate and rocky hillsides, and picturesque villages.

After leaving the coastal road, within minutes a new mountainous world is ready to be discovered. 

The hills show their desolate faces covered with shrubs  and isolated olive tress to the Gulf. While in the other direction the eye encounters widespread forests, rippling creeks and small villages built on the side of mountains above this view larger mountains rise in the background .

Some of which at an altitude of over 2000m are snow covered  through the month of May. 

The mountain villages have their own unique charm, small taverns can be found everywhere offering local cuisine specialties and hospitality, always interested and open to the foreign guests, and quite often these local Greeks have lived abroad for many years and are eager to share their experiences.

Trizonia , a small island, a travel in time 

A 5 minute ride in a small boat lands in a different world  a small village, a small super market, taverns an the shore, and a church with an adjacent cemetery. 

In the back of this jetty lies a natural harbor protected on all sides providing a haven for the skipper looking for a winter stay.

Exploring the island, hiking through the fields and hills, scenic outlooks over the harbor or the Gulf, eating and drinking in the taverns provides enjoyment for body and soul.

Patras , the third largest city of Greece has much to offer 

The gate to Northern Europe ferryboats bring the tourists to Greece and return with Greek products such as olives, wine, feta cheese to Northern Europe.

During the middle ages the fortresses of Patras,Nafpaktos, Rion & Antirion  served to defend the Gulf of Corinth. 

From the Roman period a small amphitheater has survived  which now is the venue for summer concerts and entertainment. The Greek Orthodox cathedral of Agios Andreas is the largest of the Balkan and presents an impressive view from the harbor. One of the landmarks of Patras is its lighthouse providing a café and a panoramic view that reaches the nearby islands.Strolling through pedestrian shopping streets its charming cafés and little shops or visiting the winery of Achaia Clauss on the outskirt of the town add additional and diverse points of interest.

Gear Train , through wild gorges from Diakopto to Kalavrita 

A train on a cog railroad climbs from the village Diakopto on the coast to the village of Kalavrita at 750m elevation ... it navigates through narrow gorges along steep mountain cliffs along the river Vouraikos. This 22 km railroad for the gear train is also officially designated the E4 European Trail. In Kato Zachlorou the train tracks meander amidst restaurants and a side trip to the monastery of Mega Spileon is possible from here. Hiking and riding the train can be combined and we have good tips for the interested traveler.

The Rio Antirio Bridge 
is a cable-stayed bridge that was completed and put into operation in 2004 between Rio and Antirrio, connecting the Peloponnese with western mainland of greece.

The length of the bridge, which rests on four pillars, is 2,252 meters.

A city that combines everything. Idyllic spots for nature walks for romantics and nature lovers, wonderful traditional cuisine for gourmets, important museums and attractions for lovers of tradition and history.

and more...  All around the Oasis, Greece is here to be discovered 

by you while we provide useful tips  and guided tours if needed.  

Day trips to the islands of 
Lefkada, Kefalonia or Zachinthos