In Central Greece, Mesolonghi is a great place for bird-watching in the wild.
The Lagoon of Mesolonghi, a wetland area about 11,600 hectares large,
is scattered with small lagoons, marshes, and ponds and provides homes
to over 290 bird species, including 60 protected ones.
In addition to watching over 40,000 ducks in the lagoon,
you can enjoy aquatic birds such as pelicans, white storks, flamingos, and
cormorants, as well as prey birds such as hawks, griffon vultures, and imperial eagles.
We will show you the best places to shoot unique photos.

stays for retirees, for those who just need a break, and all who have time on their hands
For guests who desire longer stays, the fully furnished apartments available
include small wood burning stoves to warm up and create a cozy winter atmosphere.

Photo Shoot Tours in the Heart of Greece 
Bring your camera and I will show you my Greece!  Together we will shoot pictures with heart and soul! 
Our sightseeing tours will guide you through historic sites such as Delphi (location of the Oracle of Delphi), the Roman Theater of Patras, the fortresses of Nafpaktos and Patras, and Olympia (the cradle of the Olympic Games).   We will visit the small island of Trizonia in the Gulf of Corinth –   
a time travel into the Greece of the 70s. Dafnochori – a village destroyed by an earthquake, reclaimed by nature,  and offering a unique panoramic view of the Gulf of Corinth Culture, Nature, and Encounters with Local People  we will experience the hustle & bustle of the small town Nafpaktos, meet people in traditional taverns and cafes in sleepy small villages along the Gulf, and visit Greek Orthodox monasteries where monks and nuns live in rustic mountainous surroundings.

Discover the land to go on Shank's pony
Explore hikes on the E4 from the Oracle to the Gulf of Corinth in a new way on the rail track of the gear train from Diakopto to Kalavrita -  
across the bridge from Rion to Antirrion high above the Gulf – in the crystal clear waters of a creek streaming into a cooling waterfall –  
in the hills from village to village where you can experience Greek cuisine and meet the local farmers . We provide tips and offer attractive  
hiking tours to meet your interest

The bay of Nafpaktos offers ideal opportunities for surfing for both beginners and advanced surfers  
Beginners can take their first steps in the shallow waters of the bay.  The Kitesurf Club of Nafpaktos is available with classes and offers rental equipment.  Rental equipment is also available for the professional and advanced surfers