The - Hotel Oasis by the sea -

in the vicinity of Nafpaktos, on a flat, green river Delta, that stretches into the Gulf of Corinth. The green yard with a pool, the flat and sandy beach in front of the hotel offer a spacious setting for unwinding. Lounging chairs and umbrellas are invitations to relaxation while the bars, cafes, and restaurants satisfy the culinary desires.

The Oasis is located on the edge of the village of Chiliadou with an idyllic harbor, a small chapel and quaint taverns.
A variety of taverns, cafes, and shops are located in nearby small villages.
The hotel property is surrounded by olive groves and orange orchards.

The apartment complex is located in the midst of this green oasis offering spacious surrounding and tranquility
The complex and the village are ideal for children to enjoy roaming freely and swim safely in the shallow waters of the ocean. We put much emphasis on the personalized care of our guests and on the family-friendly character of the hotel.

“He who enjoyed it once,
becomes addicted, returns,
and finds his place …”